• Has a passage plan for the intended voyage

  • Has the following equipment inspected, prepared and ready for use:

– Anchors.
– Bridge movement book / course and Engine Room recorder.
– Echo sounder.
– Electronic navigational position fixing systems.
– Gyro/magnetic compass and repeaters.
– Speed/distance recorder.
– Clocks.

 Has the following equipment been tested, synchronised and found ready for use:

– Bridge and E/R telegraphs, including:
RPM indicators.
Emergency Engine stops.
Thruster controls and indicators.
Controllable pitch propeller controls.

– Communications facilities, including:
Bridge to E/R comm.
Bridge to mooring stations comm.
Portable radios.
VHF communications with Port Authority.

– Navigation and signal lights, including:
Signal lamp
Morse light

– Sound signalling apparatus, including:
Fog bell
Gong systems

– Steering gear, including:
Auto pilot
Emergency changeover arrangements
Rudder indicator

Is the ship secure for sea?
– Cargo and cargo handling equipment secure
– All hull openings secure and watertight
– Cargo/passenger details available
– Stability and draught information available
– Are all the crew on board and all shore personnel ashore
– Are the pilot disembarkation arrangements in place
– Others.

Publicado 19 de febrero de 2010 por leibermendoza en PROCEDIMIENTOS


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