•  Has an anchoring plan been prepared taking into account
– Speed reduction in ample time.

– Direction/strength of wind and current.

– Tidal stream when manoeuvring at low speeds.

– Need to adequate sea room particularly to seaward.

– Depth of water, type of seabed and the scope of anchor cable required.

– Have the E/R and anchor party been informed of the time of ‘stand-by’ for anchoring.

– Are the anchors, lights/shapes and sound signalling apparatus ready for use.

– Has the anchor position of the ship been reported to the port authority.

  •  While an anchor, the OOW should:

– Determine and plot the ship’s position on the appropiate chart as soon as practicable.

– When circumstances, check at sufficiently frequent intervals wether the ship is remaining securely at anchor by taking bearings of fixed navigation marks or readily identifiable shore objects.

– Ensure that proper look-out is maintained.

– Ensure that inspection rounds of the ship are made periodically.

– Observe meteological and tidal condition and the state of the sea.

– Notify the captain and undertake all necessary measures if the ship drags anchor.

– Ensure that the ship exhibits the appropiate lights and shapes and that appropiate sound signals are made in accordance with all applicable regulation.

– Take measures to protect the enviroment from pollution by the ship and comply with applicable pollution regulations.

– Other checks.


Publicado 20 de febrero de 2010 por leibermendoza en PROCEDIMIENTOS


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