• When changing over the watch relieving officers should personally satisfy themselves regarding the following:

Standing orders and other speacial instructions of the captain relating to navigation of the ship.

Position, course, speed and draught of the ship.

Prevailing and predicted tides, currents, weather, visibility and the effect of these factors upon course and speed.

Procedures for the use of main engines to manoeuvre when the main engines are on the bridge control and the status of the watchkeeping arrangements in E/R.

  • Navigational situation, inluding but not limited to:

The operational condition of all navigational and safety equipment being used or likely to be used during the watch.

The errors of gyro and magnetic compasses.

The presence and movements of ships in sight or known to be in the vecinity.

The conditions and hazards likely to be encountered during the watch.

The possible effects of heel, trim, water density and squat on underkeel clearance.

Any special deck work in progress.

Other points.


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